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Here’s one of my favorite things to do for meals.  Start with a salad from the deli and “doctor it up” to make it a meal.   You still get all the yummy flavors without as much work.   The salad came with sundried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, artichoke hearts and spinach leaves.  I added some arugula and pine nuts and served with protein on the side to make it a complete meal.  The name sounds fancy but the prep was easy

Mediterranean Orzo Pasta Salad with Roasted Garlic and Gruyere Cheese Sausage


1 ½ pounds Mediterranean Orzo Pasta salad (I got mine from Fred Meyer)
5 or 6 cups arugula (in the produce section)
½ cup pine nuts (almonds would work as well)
2 packages Aidell’s Brand Chicken Sausage – Roasted Garlic and Gruyere Cheese Flavor


Combine the pasta salad, arugula and nuts in a large bowl.  Mix well.

Slice the chicken sausage into bite-sized pieces.  Place in a large skillet with about ½ inch of water.  Simmer over medium-low heat about 8 minutes to heat through.  Let the water evaporate to brown the sausages.

Aaaah!  A yummy dinner in a short amount of time. This beats the drive-thru any day!