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When you’re looking for something a bit different for breakfast, but you don’t have much time, try this easy recipe.  It’s a healthier version of toast with peanut butter and jelly.  The peanut butter provides protein and healthy fats, the chia seeds add fiber and more healthy fats, and the berries offer tons of phytonutrients and fiber.  The result is delicious – and pretty to look at!


Ingredients (per person):

1 slice whole wheat bread, toasted
1-2 TBS peanut butter – use generously
½ cup berries (sliced strawberries, raspberries or blueberries)
1 tsp chia seeds


Toast the bread.  Top with peanut butter and berries and then sprinkle with the chia seeds.  

Eat mindfully and enjoy all the amazing textures.  Nurture yourself with the knowledge that you are choosing foods that serve your body well.