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The fifth chakra – your throat chakra – is your communication center  and can be seen as the crossroads between the head and the heart.  It serves as the mediator between thought and emotion.  Not honoring your authentic self and not speaking your truth with love can lead to imbalances in the throat chakra which can make it challenging to release excess weight.   Instead of communicating peacefully your words may be angry or you may stuff them, trying to always make things better for others. Negative thinking can also be a symptom of your 5th chakra being out of balance.   All of these can result in cravings and overeating.  

In this session, we’re going to do some tapping to honor our feelings and express them with integrity.  A balanced throat chakra will also allow you to listen more deeply to others. We’ll then do a powerful visualization to help balance the throat chakra.  The color for this chakra is blue and the music was specially chosen to resonate with this chakra.

After the visualization, we’ll finish with some positive affirmation tapping to lock in feelings of being able to communicate with ease and to speak your authentic truth.