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 12-Weeks To Mind-Body Weight Loss

Why can't I


Are you tired of feeling like a failure because your previous weight loss efforts didn’t work?

Do you often say to yourself “I just need to get back on track and eat better and exercise more?”

Do you have feelings of guilt and shame about your weight? 

Do you stuff your emotions and have a hard time finding your “voice”? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please join me on an incredible healing journey to uncover why you can’t lose weight and keep it off and discover how YOU can make it happen! 

Karen is simply amazing.  I had been doing well with my program (my cravings were disappearing and I was losing weight), but this fear of failing kept showing up.  In the past, I’d always been “good” for a few days and then I’d fall of the wagon.  Several decades later I was repeating this thought pattern and I was terrified it was going to sabotage my weight loss.  Today we worked through these fears and I was able to complete let them go!  With Karen’s help I also came up with my new “mantra” . . .

“I’m choosing to prepare myself emotionally, energetically, and spiritually to live a life without all this turmoil and judgment of self in my head.  THAT is what I am committing to for my weight loss plan.  I love how food is no longer the focus of my thinking and that I have a different relationship with food that is much more peaceful.  Food is just food and I’m so glad it is no longer replacing a friendship, filling time, or keeping me in hiding.”  Donna 

Here’s what you get: 

* Private sessions with Karen

* 14-day meal makeover plan

* Emotion diary and daily tapping scripts 

* Audio classes using EFT for Weight Loss 

Private sessions with  Karen Donaldson, EFT Certified Weight Loss Coach

  • Deep work on the core issues and beliefs that are keeping you stuck
  • Help with healing traumatic events in your life that create underlying anxieties 
  • Tools for calming your fight-or-flight response so you can stop releasing sugars and adrenaline into your system

Mind-Body “Detox” (Meal Makeover Plan)

  • 14 days of menus – breakfast, lunch, and dinner plans featuring no added sugars, processed foods, wheat, or artificial sweeteners
  • Lots of protein, healthy fats, fiber, and fruits and vegetables to help you release the fat
  • Fabulously easy leftovers plans
  • Family friendly ingredients that you already have in your pantry and fridge!


“I absolutely loved the menus – and so did the rest of my family.  I lost weight without having to cook separate meals.  Thanks Karen!  Amy  



If you’re ready to:

  • Release the weight 
  • Keep it off
  • Improve your digestion
  • Get off the sugar train
  • Detox your body . . . AND
  • Feel more calm and happy
  • Increase your energy
  • Heal the issues behind your emotional eating once and for all

Apply for your COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY SESSION  to see if working with Karen is right for you. 

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List any diets or weight loss programs you have tried.

Has your weight caused any physical ailments such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease? Does your weight prevent you from doing the physical activities of daily life or other leisure activities?

When do these cravings occur?

ADVERSE CHILDHOOD EXPERIENCES AND OBESITY. The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study is one of the largest investigations ever conducted to assess associations between childhood maltreatment and later-life health and well-being. The Study findings suggest that certain experiences are major risk factors for the leading causes of illness and death, including obesity, as well as poor quality of life in the United States. Answering these questions is optional buy may give you some insight as to what childhood events and traumas may be contributing to weight issues in your adult life. The more questions you answer YES to, the more at risk you may be. When you are finished answering the questions add up your YES answers. This is your ACE score.

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As a bonus, you’ll also receive Karen’s Food & Mood Diary and Daily Tapping Scripts for Cravings as well as six audio classes for EFT for Weight Loss.   






Six (6) audio classes EFT for Weight Loss

Session 1- Focuses on the importance of good nutrition, encouraging you to eliminate foods that don’t serve your body well.

Session 2 – Reviews the role of carbohydrates, the importance of getting enough healthy fats, as well as the avoidance of dairy and artificial sweeteners.

Session 3 – When you listen to your body and honor what it needs, it will release the weight. Our weight is a symptom of what is really going on. It does not define us.

Session 4 – Affirmations, what we say and think to ourselves and how that can set us up for failure rather than success.

Session 5 – Addresses the doubts that can creep in when you are working toward your weight loss goals.  You will be encouraged to forgive yourself. 

Session 6 – Brings attention to other factors that affect your weight, such as stress.  Includes a deep breathing exercise and a visualization to help you tune in to how you are feeling.  

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Karen Donaldson, MS, RD, LD EFT Certified Weight Loss Coach