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Sexual Injury and Weight Gain with guest Alina Frank

Do you find yourself stuffing down your feelings with food? It is easier to be “numb” than to feel your emotions? Does your extra weight keep you “safe”?

Contrary to popular belief, time does NOT heal all wounds. The guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, and sense of betrayal linger in the body for years, wreaking havoc on our physical bodies – often in the form of obesity. For example, “Susan” knew that her soda addiction was increasing her weight, and blood sugars, but it also calmed the chaos in her brain, making her feel better emotionally. She’s not addicted to soda anymore and she’s releasing the physical AND the emotional weight.

Join me and Alina Frank, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Master, and author of How to Want Sex Again, as we explore this very sensitive issue and options for healing. You can learn more about Alina at learningtofindlove.com.

If you have a history of sexual injury in your life, I compassionately invite you to schedule a complimentary phone or Skype session with me to learn how powerful healing techniques can help you not only lose the physical weight but free you from the pain of the emotional weight. Email excelweightloss@gmail.com or go to excelweightloss.com to schedule and to request a free copy of my book Beat The Belly Fat Blues: Mind-Body Solutions for Permanent Weight Loss.

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