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chaos brainWhy EFT Tapping Works for Weight Loss.

Are you on the go 24/7, but still can’t lose weight or keep it off?

Do you sometimes wish you could just turn off your brain? Have you ever found yourself in front of the pantry or the refrigerator saying to yourself “I just need SOMETHING?”

EFT Tapping can help!

When we’re in a chronic state of stress (or “chaos” brain as I like to call it), we’re very likely in fight-or-flight mode, pumping out extra adrenaline and cortisol – which then helps us store FAT!

Join Karen Donladson and discover WHY we reach for the carbs/comfort foods (it’s not about willpower) and HOW we can curb our cravings and calm our brains with something other than food. EFT is the only tool I’ve ever found that helps heal the REAL issues behind our emotional eating to allow you to lose the weight and keep it off.

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