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Healthy and Happy with Taryn Brumfitt

“You’re a big, fat pig.” “If you just lost weight, people would like you.” Sadly, this is the negative self-talk many hear. But it doesn’t work. It’s not motivating. It doesn’t help you lose weight. It backfires!

How would you feel if I shamed you for your weight or food choices? What if I said that there was no way you should love yourself until you reached your goal weight?

Of course, health is important, and weight is one aspect of health, but we’ve lost our perspective.

The number on the scale determines our value and worthiness. If it’s too high, our inner voice screams “You are not good enough.

” We’ve also believed the lie that if we could just lose weight we would be happy.

The bottom line is we can’t hate ourselves happy or healthy or thin.

Studies show that self-criticism is associated with less motivation and worse self-control and it’s also one of the biggest predictors of depression.