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Eat to Balance Your Adrenals

 When we’re under lots of stress – on the go 24/7, not eating right, not sleeping well, etc. – our adrenal glands can be kicked into overdrive.  We end up making too much adrenaline and cortisol to try to keep our blood sugars stable, especially if we’re skipping meals.  Or we overstimulate with caffeine and sugar.  Or perhaps we’re exhausted when we get into bed, but find ourselves wide awake a few hours later.  All of these can play havoc with our adrenal glands, making the situations worse.  Reducing the effect of stress through meditation and other mind-body techniques such as EFT can be extremely helpful as can eating balanced meals.  Make sure you eat a breakfast that includes protein and keep your blood sugars stable by not skipping meals.  Avoiding excess caffeine and sugar is also helpful.