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Can meditation really help with weight loss?  If you’re stressed, anxious, fearful or lonely, the effect on your health is real… including the effect on your weight.  These emotions can actually sabotage your weight loss efforts.   Here’s why . . .  Maybe you’re living in a chronic state of fight-or-flight.  Maybe it’s hard to shut off your brain.  Maybe you feel a low level of anxiety most of the time.  Or maybe you’re exhausted but you’re also wired and you can’t sleep.  When you’re in this mode, your body is making lots of adrenaline and cortisol (the stress hormone), your cells are more insulin and leptin resistant and your blood sugars tend to be higher.  Even your blood pressure and your heart rate and your breathing can be affected – all of which contribute not only to excess weight but poor health overall.

All of this stress also leads to hormonal imbalances that often lead to weight gain.  If you turn to more dieting and exercising, you’re likely failing to address the real issue for your weight gain (the root cause) which is mental and emotional stress and the effect they have on our physiology.  What you really need is balanced weight loss hormones and better biochemistry for your mind and body.  This can be achieved by using tools that minimize the negative effects of stress.  Once you do that, the cravings and the overeating start to fade away and you lose weight.

Meditation greatly reduces the effect of stress on your body and that is just one way it helps to balance your hormones so that you can lose weight.  And meditation keeps on working after you’re done meditating!  Your mind learns how to respond to stress differently so that you’re not flooding your body with biochemicals and hormones that promote fat storage.  Your brain actually creates  new neural pathways – which is so cool!  Instead of responding to stress by self-medicating with carbs (like soda and candy and bread and pasta and chips and cookies) you remain calm and balanced and centered – and you lose weight.

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