You’re loving tapping for cravings and now you want more! 
We’ve got you covered!

Stop Cravings Now – and Beyond! 

Live Coaching Calls and Support Group


Week 1 – Energy Moves for Balancing and Grounding

Learn some easy-to-do energy moves that will help with calming, focus, and clarity.  You can use these moves any time of the day or night when you’re feeling a bit out of sorts!  We’ll also do some tapping to explore any deeper blocks that may be sabotaging your weight loss efforts. 

Week 2 – Introduction to Mirror Work

The set-up statement for tapping includes the words “I love and accept myself” but that’s not always easy to say!   This week we’ll use EFT tapping on using Mirror Work to help make this happen.

 Week 3 – Healing the Child Within

So much of our relationship with food is based on how we learned to use it as a child.  This week we’ll use EFT tapping and mirror work to start healing a belief from our childhood experiences that is holding us back from reaching our goals.

 Week 4 – SEE and FEEL Yourself at Your Ideal Weight

What does it look like and feel like to be at your ideal body weight?  This week we’ll use tapping to help you get there by identifying any blocks, fears or resistance to making that happen.

Live coaching sessions start Tuesday, June 12th and run through Tuesday, July 3rd. 

We will meet online at 11 am PST / 12 pm MST / 1 pm CST / 2 pm EST. 

We will post the Zoom meeting link in the private Facebook group.  There will be a new Facebook group for this class.

All of the live coaching calls will be recorded and available in the private Facebook page group later in the day each Tuesday.

Coach Mary Tunison (Bariatric Wisdom) and Coach Karen Donaldson (EXCEL Weight Loss Solutions) will be your instructors and they are thrilled to be continuing with you!