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Conquer Your Cravings

and Emotional Eating 


6 Week Class Starting

January 2019   


Experience the New Year ZEN-fully instead of STRESS-fully


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“I had never heard of tapping before this course, but thought I would give it a try. I can’t imagine my life without it now. It helps in all kinds of situations. The tapping keeps me on track emotionally - with my food and with my goals. It’s such a perfect tool! I’m finally releasing weight again."


“My weight loss surgeon said I would never eat sugar again. Well, I did eat sugar, almost as much as before I had the surgery. It kept me from my goal weight and in a cycle of shame. I needed help. These coaches understood my struggle, taught me some amazing tools - and now I am free of my sugar cravings!”



This is a remarkable course that really works to curb your cravings and
emotional eating.   How do we know? 

Because we’ve been there, done that, AND kept the weight off!
We know this class will make a difference in your life!


  • Your cravings are not about the food.
  • You have tons of chaos in your brain.
  • Your brain is wired to self-medicate with carbs.
  • Carbs and sugar hijack your brain.
  • Feel good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine are released.
  • You feel calm and happy, except for . . .
  • The belly fat you just stored.
  • You feel like crap about yourself.
  • You repeat the cycle.


  • Discover what you’re really craving.
  • Calm the chaos in your brain.
  • Transform your negative self-talk.
  • Rewire your brain to curb your cravings.
  • Use tools and techniques that will help clear your weight loss blockers.
  • Set powerful intentions for permanent weight loss.
  • Start healing the deeper issues behind your emotional eating.


  • Diminished cravings.
  • Decreased cortisol levels.
  • Victory over the battle with food.
  • More peace of mind and less chaos in your brain.
  • Love for your body.
  • Love for yourself.
  • Emotional and physical weight release.

What You Get ...



We know the content of this course is amazing, but we also know there is nothing better than the human connection to keep you inspired and motivated. Each week you’ll have access to our live coaching calls where we’ll answer your questions, do some tapping on cravings, and whatever else it takes to help you be successful!

#1 – What are you REALLY craving?  Hint:  It’s not the chocolate, or the cookie, or the chips.  In this coaching session we’ll teach you how to identify what the deeper triggers are for your cravings.  After that you’ll learn powerful tools and techniques you can use to handle your stress and your emotions BEFORE you’re headed to the pantry or fridge.

#2 – Our relationship with food is complex and there is SO much emotion and psychology connected to our eating.   During this coaching session you’ll learn how to make peace with your food and forgive yourself.  It’s time to end the battle.

# 3 – Is self-sabotage your friend or foe?  In this coaching session we’ll dive deeper into how your emotional eating may be protecting you and keeping you safe.  We’ll also introduce you to healing techniques that are truly life-changing so that you can end the self-sabotage.

#4 – Transforming negative self-talk into powerful energies.  Did you know that your body is listening – and responding – to every thought you think?  In this powerful session you’ll learn how to turn “I hate my body” into “I love my body” so that your body works WITH you (instead of against you) to permanently release excess weight. 


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“I Know What I’m Supposed To Do, So Why Can’t I Do It?”
– 3-part video series

  • How carbs create belly fat.
  • How carbs hijack your brain chemistry and leave you wanting more.
  • The stress response and belly fat.

Morning Meditation to Supercharge Your Weight Release​

Start your day motivated and inspired! This meditation is set to music specifically designed to bring about desirable changes in your brain waves to make your meditation even more powerful.

Menus and Recipes That Really Work

We know one of the hardest parts of releasing weight can be knowing what to eat so we've got you covered!  Our Family-Friendly Sugar Detox menus are full of ideas for easy-to-prepare meals that nourish your mind and your body.  And if you've had weight loss surgery you'll love our Bari-Friendly Detox. 

Tapping on Cravings - Breaking the Sugar Seduction Training Webinar

Learn how to use one of the most powerful mind-body tools available to curb your cravings!  EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping has been scientifically proven to decrease cravings and we've got the science to prove it.

Current research (using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans) showed that EFT self-help techniques worked by changing the brain's neural pathways involved in addiction and food cravings.  The scans showed that the brain's neural pathways were "rewired" and the desire for the foods studied was diminished.   

Other studies on EFT and weight loss showed that it decreases cortisol levels and reduces anxiety.  This technique is phenomenal when it comes to calming down the chaos in your brain.  

Support and Community

You’re not in this alone! You’ll be a part of our private Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded people who understand you and are cheering you on. There is SO much power in the energy of a group whose focus is healing in transformation. We’re excited to have you be a part of this! You will love it!

Evening Meditation for Weight Release and Sleep

Use this evening visualization to continue your weight release journey as you rest and rejuvenate your body. Set to music designed to bring about a deep sense of relaxation, this meditation will help you release the stressors of the day and promote good sleep. You can download and keep this forever!

Food and Emotion Journal

This is more than just writing down what you eat! Get in touch with what is really at the core of your cravings and emotional eating and then use the tapping scripts to start the healing process. Journaling has been scientifically proven to be one of the most useful tools in long-term weight release.

Weight Loss Meditations to Balance Your Emotion Centers

Our emotions play a huge role when it comes to our weight. If you’re using food to feel grounded and safe, to fill a void in your heart, or to stuff your feelings, you’ll love this series. Each one features EFT tapping, meditation, visualization, and affirmations to align and balance the seven main emotions centers in your body.  Yours to download and keep forever!

Karen Donaldson, MS, LD, RD
EFT Certified Weight Loss Coach

 I’m just like the majority of the women I work with – I could be “good” for a few days or even a few weeks – but then the cravings and self-sabotage kicked in.  I can’t tell you how many nights I would find myself planted on the couch binging on a big bowl of popcorn, followed by chocolate, followed by chips, and so on.  It was humiliating and embarrassing and I didn’t want anyone to witness what I was doing. To make matters worse, I felt like a fraud. How could I possibly help my clients with their eating issues when I couldn’t even help myself.

As a registered dietitian I can tell you exactly what you need to eat to lose weight, decrease your cholesterol, and lower your blood sugars . . . I have the science and the degrees to back it up! But having the knowledge isn’t enough. I finally had success when I added a vital element into the mix – how to deal with our cravings and emotional eating.  I spent years researching what’s really going on in our heads – and in our hearts – and I found the what I’d been missing all those years. Using the tools I teach in this course, I permanently released my excess weight and kept it off for over 7 years.

Toolbox Essentials
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Conquer Your Cravings & Emotional Eating Class

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