Conquer Your Cravings and 
Stop Emotional Eating

(to be done with diets and deprivation and get lasting results on the scale!)

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You’re Going to Discover…

  • The real reason your brain loves sugar and how to stop “self-medicating” with carbs, even if you’ve been using food to tranquilize your emotions or fill a void for years.


  • The key (yet little-known) factors why stressing and obsessing about what to eat – and not to eat – contributes to weight gain and why it’s crucial to stop eating “under the influence of guilt and shame”.


  • How to permanently resolve the (often hidden) deeper issues behind your emotional eating, so you can stop wasting your time and money being trapped on the yo-yo dieting and weight-loss roller coaster.


  • How to rewire your brain to get rid of the subconscious weight-loss blockers at the root of your self-sabotaging, so you can finally lose the weight and trust that it’s going to stay off.


  • The simple techniques my clients use to stop their cravings and binge eating – before they even start – so they can be in control of their food choices no matter where they are or what they are doing.


  • The step-by-step game plan you can follow to stop emotional eating,
    feel good about yourself, get lasting results on the scale, and live the
    joyful life you deserve!

Presented By
Karen Donaldson, MS, RD, LD

Karen Donaldson is a registered dietitian and an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Certified Weight Loss Coach.   

Her personal struggles with emotional eating and weight (body) issues paved the way for her to help women take a genuinely holistic approach to their health and happiness.

As an emotional eating specialist and weight-loss mindset expert, she has helped thousands of women conquer their food cravings, stop emotional eating, release the weight, and keep it off.