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Dear YOU!

You’ve taken a great first step on the path to losing weight, getting more fit, and overall improving your physical and your emotional health.  Our mind-body weight loss program focuses not just on nutrition and exercise, but also on cravings, emotional eating, and learning how to love and accept yourself J.

We want your experience to be the best possible.  Please help us help YOU by doing the following:

 Download your program PDF’s including:

v  Family Friendly Mind-Body Sugar Detox

  • Start looking at the menus and recipes so you can plan your shopping list.

v  EFT Tapping Scripts with Food & Mood Journal

  • Read over the tapping scripts and the journal.

v  Fitness Class Registration Form

  • Complete this form and bring to the EXCEL office the first day you come to exercise class.

3.  Download the audio classes to your favorite electronic device.  Click Here.  There are six coaching sessions for you to listen to at your convenience.

4. Come play with us and pick up your free gifts!  Our office is located at 611 Wilson Ave., Suite #8 (by the Dollar Tree and Mandarin House).

  • Choose which class you want to attend first.
  • Give your signed Registration Form to the instructor.
  • Pick up your bonus gifts!!  (Louise Hay Affirmation book and CD and Balance Essential Oil).

5.  If at anytime during the program you need assistance or would like to schedule a private session with Karen, please email us at excelweightloss@gmail.com.  Put “Attention Jeanette Weight Loss Special” on the subject line please.  We get lots of emails each day and we want YOURS to be a priority.


All our best,

Karen Donaldson, MS, RD, LD

and all the wonderful staff at EXCEL Weight Loss Solutions