Client Success Stories

I've kept over 100 pounds off for over 2 years and I am still losing weight!

I lost over 100 pounds, from 347 to 240, and have kept it off for over 2 years now. How did I do this? With Karen’s help I let go of the trauma and the negative beliefs that caused me to sabotage myself. These day, I love myself and have a very successful business. I don’t obsess about food anymore and I’m still losing weight. YES! ~Martha

I lost the weight and I’m keeping it off.

After 40 years of “trying”, I’m finally at my goal weight – and I’m staying there. I couldn’t be happier. Karen teaches you how to release the weight and keep it off. Forever grateful. I lost the weight and I’m keeping it off. ~CO

I stopped eating sugary treats, curtailed alcohol and released 50 pounds!

Even during the pandemic, I’ve been able to stop eating sugary treats and heavily processed foods and have curtailed drinking alcoholic beverages.  I’m so pleased to share that I’ve released over 50 pounds!  In July I weighed 219 pounds and yesterday my weight was 175.  So grateful! ~Carol

I lost 65 pounds and had the best year of my life!

Karen, I just want you to know that my experience was so great and it started the best year of my life! I have dropped 65 pounds and am maintaining it wonderfully! I’ve never felt better or have been healthier in my past. I recently made a move to return to Costa Rica and am happy I made that decision. Your program gave me the confidence and tools to progress and find the answers to my previous weight problems. They no longer belong to me! They are no longer me. The change is shocking, friends have not recognized me for the difference. When I speak or smile, they know then. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~MW

I feel like I lost two 50-pound suitcases of emotional baggage.

“I had no idea weight loss worked like this. I couldn’t figure out why I could never keep the weight off. I know now it’s because off all the ‘stuff’ in my life. Our household was very traditional. My husband worked and I stayed home and took care of our five children. I spent most of my life caring for others. I cooked the meals, kept the house, and did my church duties. But I was never really happy. Because my husband had the “real job”, he felt like his contribution to the family was more valuable and his needs always came first. I felt worthless and hopeless and I never spoke up for myself. I stuffed my emotions and ate my way to over 300 pounds.

After decades of trying ever diet under the sun, I was referred to Karen for nutrition counseling for my diabetes. She quickly figured out I had some serious emotional eating issues. With the help of her program I lost over 100 pounds and I’ve kept it off for years. When my husband asked me what I was doing ‘this time’ to lose the weight, I simply answered ‘I’m working on healing the hurts that got me here in the first place’. I also learned to love and accept myself whether other people do or not. I am so grateful.” ~Mary

My night time eating is gone and my shirts are looser!

Karen, I just wanted to let you know how well I’m doing with not eating at night anymore. Most nights I’m not eating after dinner at all and if I do I’m choosing a bowl of blueberries because I’m truly physically hungry. The coaching call last week was amazing! Between the classes and our sessions I am finally seeing results. My shirts are actually looser over my stomach. This is so cool! Thank you so much! ~SJ

My blood sugars are lower and I can finally decrease my insulin.

I was surprised at how good this worked, but the tapping you had us do really helped with my food cravings. I was able to stick with my eating plan, which usually doesn’t happen! My blood sugars are much better too. At night I was in the 200s and now I’m around 140-150. I even did my tapping at the movie theater. The lady behind me stared a bit, but I didn’t really care because it’s working! I know this because I’ve finally been able to decrease my insulin. ~Deloris