Important Information

As of August 1, 2016, participants interested in the Weight Management (WM) Program will need to contact their Primary Care Provider to obtain the WM Agreement Form.


Weight Management Program Information

Preventive Health Assistance (PHA), is a benefit for Medicaid participants.  The Weight Management PHA provides opportunities designed to help eligible participants and their families improve their lifestyle through:

  • Physical Fitness
  • Balanced Diet
  • Personal Health Education

Note: Participants on the Home Care for Certain Disabled Children Program (Katie Beckett) and Medicare Medicaid Coordinated Plan participants are not eligible for PHA benefits.

Weight Management 

To qualify for the benefit, the participant must be over the age of five, have Basic or Enhanced Medicaid coverage, and meet the following weight criteria:

  • Adults: a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or higher or 18.5 or lower.
  • Children: a body mass index (BMI) that falls in either the overweight or the underweight category.

You can check BMI by using the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Child and Teen BMI Calculator.

Qualifying participants can earn up to $200 each year to help pay for services offered by PHA providers such as Fees for a weight management program, Healthy lifestyle classes, or nutrition classes or services. The benefit will start on the date of approval.

Primary Care Providers (PCP) will be initiating the process of filling out the WM Agreement Form. After the PCP fills out their portion of the form the participant is responsible for filling out their section of the form,

choosing a WM Vendor, taking the form to the vendor for them to sign, and then submitting the form for approval.

Don’t forget to complete all sections of the form before submitting it for approval or the form will be returned to the participant for completion and the process will be delayed.

For more information about PHA, please call us toll free at: (877) 364-1843 or (208) 364-1839 or email us at: medicaidphaprogram@dhw.idaho.gov

Our address is:
Molina Medicaid Solutions
Attn: PHA Department
P.O. Box 70081
Boise, Idaho 83705