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Dear Karen, 

I just want you to know that my experience was so great and it started the best year of my life! I have dropped 65 pounds and am maintaining it wonderfully! I’ve never felt better or have been healthier in my past. I recently made a move to return to Costa Rica and am happy I made that decision. Your program gave me the confidence and tools to progress and find the answers to my previous weight problems. They no longer belong to me! They are no longer me. The change is shocking, friends have not recognized me for the difference. When I speak or smile, they know then. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I still follow you closely and utilize EFT in my life regularly.  MW


My Weight Loss Journey
 by Mae Worth

My recovery
was so extreme because I had given up, bought bigger clothing, and resigned myself to being older and heavier and sick. I had dieted my entire life – since I was about 16 – and had repeatedly put the weight back on. As I entered my 60s, I found that even though I ate a very balanced diet and had no fast food, I continued to gain weight. I was done dieting! I really no longer had the courage to try anything else.

It sure would have been nice to have my doctor point me in the right direction years ago (towards mindful weight loss) when he pointed out what I already knew – that I was putting on more weight and that I should lose it. That was obvious!  How to lose it – that was the missing link. 

January 2014.  I realized I had to find it somewhere within me to lose some weight so I decided to try something different.  I started meditating each morning.  Shortly after that I heard about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping.    As I learned more about my health and EFT, I realized I really  had to do something before I gained one more pound.

The more I listened to the summits, the more I realized my healthy eating was not as healthy as I thought it was.  I just couldn’t understand how I could keep eating less food and always be hungry, and still put on weight. I thought I was eating well because I was only treating myself with one dark chocolate candy a night.   My salads were good, but the crap I was putting on them was horrible.  And so many sandwiches, and bagels, and pastries, and . . . I could go on and on.   The more I read about functional medicine and EFT for weight loss, the more intrigued I became.  

I registered for a 6-week online class (Naturally Thin You Boot Camp) with Dawson Church and Karen Donaldson from EFT Universe.   It took alot of courage to even get started. I had done some tapping already and knew the basics of the acupressure points and their connection to the meridians, but I’d never really done it for weight loss. 

After the first class, I was hooked!    As I was participating in the Naturally Thin You Boot Camp class (reading the homework, listening to the calls, watching videos, etc.) I noticed that I was losing weight.  The class materials didn’t have anything to do with radically changing my food at this point, but I was still losing weight.  However, we were doing lots of tapping on cravings and the emotions behind those cravings and my mindset was changing. 

I had been working on eating non-GMO and organic foods for some time, but the biggest hurdle was lack of information.  Like Oprah says – “when we know better, we do better”.  I was starting to feel very confident that I could change my eating habits!  I knew from the health summits that sugar was poison for me, so I decided it had to go.  I started hunting for sources of sugar, not just the obvious ones in my diet.  After I cut out lots of the “white stuff”, I found I was eating more than I had ever eaten – and I was still losing weight!  I started to make smoothies to increase my fiber intake and was able to add foods to my “can eat safely and not gain weight” list. 

Give up my bread?  NO way!  During all this time, I kept hearing about the health benefits of going gluten free.  Now, let me tell you that my favorite things in this world were potatoes and artisan breads and chocolate! I thought there was no way I was ever going to give up breads –  no way, no how – for nothing!  Not gonna happen.  But I kept hearing the benefits,including weight loss … so… sometime after my birthday, in July, I cleaned out my cupboards.  Yes, everything went! I gave away bags and bags of candy (yes, I can admit that now).  I also got rid on my baking supplies, even the non-GMO stuff I had clung to for comfort food.  

My diet has completely changed and I am so grateful.  I eat more fat, coconut oil, olive oil, nuts, and avocados than I had ever eaten in my life. I eat small quantities of meat, and mostly vegetables and fruits of all kinds, smoothies, and any baking goods (moderately) that are gluten free. I don’t eat anything processed, even if it says gluten-free.  I  had experienced acid reflux something awful, since returning to the states, 4+years ago.  But I did not have it while I lived in Costa Rica.  The functional doctors said going gluten free would give me relief and it did!

So what do I eat? More than I have ever eaten in my life! – with the exception of sugar, gluten, and most dairy. And…. I don’t feel like I am ‘living without’  or deprived at all. I use cacao instead of other chocolates and use honey, coconut sugar, maple syrup, and Xylitol for baking and stevia for liquids when I don’t use honey.  

I haven’t counted a calorie yet, and I keep myself accountable with the scale everyday.  I don’t do this to make me crazy, but just as a guideline as a guidelines.   I don’t beat myself up anymore either.  I don’t remember feeling this good even in my 40s.   To date I’ve lost 45 pounds and 51 inches.  People who haven’t seen my in awhile are amazed.    Most people can’t believe I’ve done this without starving or hitting the gym hard.  A few friends keep insisting I go to the gym, but I choose to walk, do some yoga and a few weights.  

I still tap (do EFT) when I need to and I meditate each morning.  I’m not actively trying to lose weight, but will take any reduction that happens.   The Naturally Thin You course gave me the mindset to change my life as well as my body. 



When nutrition, exercise, and mind-body weight loss unite…beautiful things happen!  I’ve been working with “Susan” for the past few months and she’s had amazing results.  She’s lost almost 30 pounds; her A1c (a number that measures average blood sugars over the past 3 months) has decreased from 6.7 to 5.4; and her blood pressure decreased to the point where she was able to stop her medication.  Here’s what her doctor had to say . . . “(Susan) I think your diabetes and blood pressure issues have resolved due to weight loss – congratulations”.  

Like many clients I see, Susan knew what she was “supposed to” do as far as nutrition and exercise, but she hadn’t been able to make it happen in the past.  I introduced her to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and she embraced it!  EFT (also known as “tapping”) is a fabulous mind-body tool that helps curb cravings and calm the fight or flight response that is so often a contributing factor for weight gain.  Susan taps most every day and is now a enjoying a more peaceful – and balanced – relationship with food.  I’m so grateful for my wonderful clients and the opportunity to be a part of their mind-body weight loss.  



I woke up this morning and realized that I was happy on the inside and was looking forward to the day. That has not happened in a really long time! The food is starting to come together. I always knew what I was supposed to do but couldn’t do it, and I think it’s because I really didn’t like or love myself. That has changed. I can truly say I love and accept myself. I am so grateful for Karen and the EFT work we have been doing. I can’t believe the changes. I’m finally ready to release this weight. ~ JC



I had no idea how much my emotions were contributing to my overeating. But I realized after a stressful day at work, I could hardly wait to get home and get something to eat. One of my biggest issues was the anger I felt towards my employees. Karen helped me see that the anger was really related to my feelings about my son and his addiction to marijuana (which then led to some tapping on MY former addiction to marijuana). We tapped on those emotions and it was amazing. Within a few minutes I felt the anger for my staff release and I now respect them for the skill they have, AND, I don’t have the need to eat at night to calm myself down. We also tapped on my love for chocolate. I thought I just liked the taste, but tapping with Karen made me realize that what I was really craving was love (love from my parents, family, etc.) I had NO idea! This tapping stuff is amazing. My session yesterday was the most powerful. I had been craving pancakes and syrup, and when we started tapping I realized it was because I had always made those for my son and daughter when they were kids. Those were the best of times and filled with so much love. Tragically, my daughter was killed by a drunk driver three years ago and I miss her terribly. I think I was trying to fill the hole in my heart with pancakes and syrup because I miss feeling the love from my daughter. We did some tapping and visualization on this and I feel SO much better. I learned that it’s safe – and good – to take the time to remember her love. I can now fill my heart with THAT FEELING instead of food. I’ve lost 23 pounds in just 6 weeks, but most importantly I feel really good. It hasn’t been hard because I really don’t NEED the foods I used to overeat anymore. I have a new tool to help calm my emotions and it’s so much better than marijuana or excess food. We also did some work on releasing the guilt I was carrying about being a bad parent. With some tapping, I got to see that I really am doing the best I can, but that I did NOT have parents that taught me how to love and deal with my emotions. I’ve basically been on my own since I was about age 5. I look at my younger kids now and realize there is NO way they can grow up without love and guidance and be okay….such a powerful lesson. I’m learning to forgive myself and to love and accept myself – and I’m losing weight! EFT is amazing and everyone should know about it! ~ Doug



I have had a weight problem most of my adult life and I have never been that successful with other weight loss plans. I would lose about 20 pounds and then start to gain it back again. At EXCEL I have a supportive network of professionals and friends, including the people in my classes – they are great too. The nutrition help combined with the exercise and strength training has been the best. It is such a wonderful feeling to walk up to the top floor in a building and still be able to talk when I get there. I can jog now, and want to. Working with Karen on energy/mindfulness has been one of the most beneficial experiences, helping me get past WHY I eat. No other plan has addressed that. I find that I no longer seek food if I am lonely, depressed, angry or bored. I don’t need food to reward myself for being/doing good. I feel that EXCEL and the wonderful staff there have helped me make life changes not just stick to a diet. I know that I can lose the rest of the weight I want to lose and keep it off, thanks to Karen and EXCEL. ~ Deb



I have learned that our minds are an incredible tool in living a happy and successful life. The things we say to ourselves over and over again really do come true. If we want positive outcomes, we have to train our minds to only think positive. This is especially true with exercise. Our bodies can do amazing things, if we don’t limit them with “I can’t” statements. ~ Maria



I no longer turn to food when I’m stressed and it’s amazing. I’ve been working with Karen for over a year now, and I’m finding peace with food. I used to be “good” for 4 or 5 days, and then go off the wagon and was “bad” – consuming lots of sugar and junk food. It was a cycle I couldn’t stop and thus I could never lose weight. By working with Karen, I discovered that I ate for emotional reasons, many of them related to my relationship with my mother. By using EFT and other mind-body techniques, I’ve been able to release the negative energies and beliefs that were keeping me stuck in an unhealthy relationship with food. The results have been amazing. Not only do I have a better relationship with food, my family has noticed an overall change in my demeanor. They say that I’m more peaceful and pleasant. I tap all the time now. This is amazing stuff! ~ Ann



Karen changed my life more than years of counseling did. I was planning my wedding and had tons of issues I needed to get resolved. I don’t have a weight issue, but I did have a serious self-esteem issue. With her help, I realize that I AM worth it and I headed into my marriage a new person, able to believe in myself and set healthy boundaries. ~ Jennifer



I never realized just what an emotional eater I was until I started working with Karen. Just this week I ask myself what I was really craving and discovered I was bored and seeking some fun (and that I wasn’t really hungry). But most importantly, with Karen’s help and some tapping, I realized that I AM OKAY JUST THE WAY I AM and that it’s time for me to live my life as the real me. It was such an amazing discovery that will likely shape all my future decisions. ~ JC



I never realized how depressed I was and what my connection to food was. I didn’t want to give it up. After tapping with Karen I no longer feel deprived. When people ask me why if I’m on a diet I just smile and tell them that I’m choosing to eat healthier. What’s really exciting is that I’m no longer afraid of failure. ~ Shelley



Karen saved my life”. I’ve been holding onto so many emotions from my ex-husband and my employees for so many years. I think they were literally stored in my fat. I’m so happy to be letting them go.” ~ Darlene



I’m learning to honor my body. It’s where I live! I’ve already lost 20 pounds and it wasn’t hard. I’ve been tapping at work and at home and I’m discovering a new peace in my life. ~ Beth