Super Charge Your Weight Loss with a “Good Morning” Meditation

yoga lady

SO many of my clients love tapping, but get hung up on what to say.  And I’m sure you know by now that your thoughts and beliefs dictate what happens in your physical body.  If you can’t figure our what to say while tapping, please join me for this amazing guided tapping and meditation.  Together we’ll visualize the day and set you up for success.  You’ll want to listen to this over and over again – it’s THAT powerful!

Beth lost almost 100 pounds and kept it off!  Her “secret”?  Daily tapping and one-on-one sessions to clear the deeper issues that were keeping her stuck.  She believes in EFT so much that when her husband recently asked her what she was doing “this time” to lose weight, she replied “I’m healing the hurts that caused me to overeat in the first place and I’m learning to love and accept myself even if others don’t.  If YOU would like to heal the hurts that are causing your emotional eating, click HERE for our 12-week special.  We’re celebrating Beth’s success by offering a fabulous program that includes private sessions, a 14-day mind-body detox with tapping scripts, and audio classes.