Are YOU ready to Beat the Belly Fat Blues?

As a registered dietitian and personal trainer, I had the education and skills to provide to my clients the best nutrition and exercise advice on the planet for weight loss.  I wrote elaborate and personalized menus, helped them organize and plan their days, and even got them to exercise.  But time after time I would see the same pattern emerge.  They would be “good” for a few days, or even a few weeks, but inevitably, they would fall back into their old habits.  And this wasn’t just happening with my clients.  Nearly everyone I knew, no matter what program they followed or what weight loss provider they had seen, was seriously struggling with keeping the weight off.  They had tried every pill, potion, and gimmick under the sun, even weight loss surgery, to no avail.

unhappy overweight girl cryingThe weight loss would stop or

the weight they had lost would find its way back.

The truth was, they were stuck.  What they were doing wasn’t working for them.  And it wasn’t working for me either.  Truth be told, I was struggling with my own eating and weight issues.  I still remember teaching seminars on weight loss, then coming home and “unwinding” with a big bowl of buttered popcorn, followed by some chocolate.  And that was after dinner!

I was eating emotionally . . .  just like my clients. 

As the owner of a weight loss clinic, this was not an easy thing for me to admit, even to myself.  My weight was “fine” and I thought I carried it well.   Sure, I could stand to lose a couple of pounds, but who couldn’t?, I rationalized.  And besides, popcorn is healthy because it has fiber, right?  And chocolate has antioxidants, especially the dark variety.  And what’s a little raw cookie dough going to hurt now and again – especially if you make it with pasteurized eggs so you don’t get food poisoning!  

Cookie CarrotWhenever a client would confess to me

 “I know what I’m supposed to do so why can’t I do it?”,

 I wanted to scream – “ME TOO!”


Of course nutrition and exercise play a vital role in weight loss, but what I kept hearing from my clients were statements like this:

“I know I’m an emotional eater”,

“The stress is killing me”,

“I’m good at taking care of everyone except myself”

“I eat when I’m happy, sad, bored, mad, ________ (fill in the blank)”

“I can’t stop the cravings”,

“Being hungry has nothing to do with my eating”

It was becoming evident that extra weight was showing up as a symptom of what was really going on in their lives, and


As it turns out, my struggles with weight and emotional eating turned out be one of those infamous blessings in disguise.  Of course I knew what caused weight gain.  That’s the easy part.  What I wanted was the answer to that proverbial question . . .

“I know what I’m supposed to do so WHY can’t I do it?”

 To lose weight, and keep it off, we simply must address -  and start healing – the issues and stressors that are triggering our cravings and emotional eating in the first place.  Ignoring the connection between food and our emotions will only keep us stuck in the sadly viscous cycle we’re in now. A recent compliment from a medical doctor I work with confirmed my belief in the power of what I call mind-body weight loss.  One of his patients was considering weight loss surgery.  I told her that the doctor and I would support her no matter what her decision was, but I also encouraged her to explore the emotions underlying her overeating.  The doctor made my day when he thanked me for “addressing the critical information that is so much overlooked in our obesity epidemic.”

karen before and after blue shirtKaren DonaldsonBy truly understanding the connection between food, stress, and our emotions and brain chemistry – and using the techniques and tools described in this book – I personally lost over 25 pounds.  I have kept the weight off for over four years and I don’t worry about it coming back.   I seldom have cravings, but if I do I handle them with ease.  These mind-body techniques have also helped me heal many of the issues that led to my emotional eating in the first place.  As a result, I have a much more peaceful relationship with food.  I’m no longer compelled to tranquilize my anxieties or stuff my emotions with carbohydrate-laden comfort foods. As a side benefit of my healing work, my relationships are improving, my health is great, and my career is blossoming.  Not every day is perfect, of course, but I’m handling life with much more ease and joy than ever before.
Now it’s YOUR turn.


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