TAI CHI and TAPPING is for you…

If you’re ready to experience a more peaceful relationship with FOOD and with YOURSELF.

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Easy-to-follow Tai Chi and Energy Moves

  • Energy moves to calm your mind and decrease the fight-or-flight response
  • Basic Tai Chi moves to help optimize weight release
  • Energy to moves to help you get centered and balanced

Support and Community

You’re not in this alone! You’ll be a part of our private Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded people who understand you and are cheering you on. There is SO much power in the energy of a group whose focus is healing in transformation. We’re excited to have you be a part of this! You will love it!

Mind-Body-Heart Techniques for Cravings & Emotional Eating

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping for Cravings Meditation

  • Releasing body & heart walls 

  • Visualization and Intention Setting for weight release

Breaking The Sugar Addiction Webinar

Learn how to calm the chaos in your brain, tune into what you are REALLY craving, and stop your food cravings with our Tapping on Cravings training webinar. We’ll guide you through each step of the process so you become a master at using this incredible self-help tool. You’ll love how it helps with just about everything in your life!

Unlimited Access To A Special Recorded Tai Chi & Energy Moves Class

Start your day or week motivated and inspired! This specially recorded Tai Chi and Energy moves class will help you keep on track.  You will receive unlimited access to it so you can replay anytime!

You’ve got questions?
We’ve got answers!

If you have a question about this course, or any of our programs, please feel free to call our office at (208) 406-1084 weekday afternoons from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm MST. You can also email us at excelweightloss@gmail.com.