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The question I am most often asked is …  
“I know what I’m supposed to do to lose weight, so why can’t I do it?”


As a registered dietitian and personal trainer AND the owner of a weight loss clinic, I looked like I had my act together.   I was “good” when it came to meals.  My breakfast, lunch and dinner were perfect – protein, healthy fats, fiber, and just the right amount of carbs.  I taught aerobics and fitness classes and hiked and biked on the weekends.   

I was seeing lots of clients at my office and at doctor offices, helping them to the best of my ability.  But the truth is, they were struggling and so was I.  Nearly every single night I would find myself planted in front of the TV, binging on Netflix and popcorn, or chips, or waffles with butter and powdered sugar.  “Snacks” were chips and chocolate, but I wasn’t even hungry.

Each morning I would vow to do eat better, but the harder I tried the worse it got.  That’s when I knew there had to be more to the story.  What if it wasn’t about the food?  Thanks to some pretty amazing teachers that showed up in my life, I learned that our subconscious minds are pretty much running the show.  

We can consciously say that we want to eat better or lose weight, but if we’re using food to:

> Calm the chaos in our brains,
> Reward and entertain ourselves,
> Nurture our hearts and souls,
> Tranquilize or bury painful emotions, or
> Keep us safe … NO DIET WILL EVER WORK.

If we want to permanently release the weight, we need to understand what’s going on at a deeper level.  What thoughts and emotions are driving the cravings, binges, and overeating?  How do we fix this?

That’s why I created the Weight Loss Essentials Toolbox … to give you a few sample tools to help on your weight loss journey.

This is the beginning of your journey …

Weight Loss Essentials Toolbox 

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Get Set for Success

Welcome! Watch this first to learn a simple technique to calm the chaos in your mind and hit the "pause" button when you're having a craving.

Beat the Belly Fat Blues

Learn how carbs affect your blood sugars, insulin levels, and belly fat - and why it's so hard to resist them.

Mindful Eating

Use our guided meditation to create peaceful mealtimes so that the foods you choose serve your for your highest and best good. You'll also discover some great tools for portion control.

Positive Self-Talk Challenge

Learn how to be as kind to yourself as you would be to your best friend! Watch our video and download your free journal.